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In Memoriam: Connie Ann 'Chrysalis' Spry

1947 - 2005

Connie, known as Chrysalis, originally posted these pages on her "Another Waye" website and contributed generously to  After fiercely battling persistent illnesses, she passed away peacefully in her sleep on May 25, 2005.   She served two tours in the Vietnam War in the Marine Corps.   She was an active leader of her local church, an uncompromising advocate for GLBT rights, and the epitome of unconditional love.  She was mother, friend and sister to many, and will be missed very much."

Chrysalis: Who Am I?

That can be a very difficult question to answer, especially if you knew me 30 or 40 years ago.  I do not believe that you would recognize the grandmotherly person that I have become.    Since I started life trying to fit into a mold that did not fit, and believe me I tried very hard to fit in.  Two marriages later and several suicide attempts made me realize that the person inside who had struggled so long under the burden of trying to be something that she wasn't deserved a chance to live.

So after years of anguish, after raising a family, after going through more jobs than would seem possible C . . . . . . became Chrysalis.  Not an easy thing to do believe me, especially after surviving nearly 9 years in the Marine Corps, two tours of duty with combat units in Viet Nam, alcohol and drug abuse.    But at the tender age of 40, when most people are well into their careers and making plans for retirement, I began the transition from the male world to the female world where I belonged.

The next 14 years were filled with pain and joy, confusion and direction.  I have become a reasonably well adjusted middle aged female in body, dress, lifestyle and manner.    But most importantly I no longer have to battle myself on a daily basis to make it through the day.  Thoughts of alcohol and drug abuse are a thing of the past, although I do continue to battle clinical depression with all of its related symptoms.  For the first time in my life I find I am able to make friends and socialize without fear of making a blunder that would reveal the inner me.

The vast majority of society at large does not understand me or my Transgendered sisters and brothers either due to lack of knowledge of the subject, bigotry towards anything that does not fit into their tiny concept of what is right and wrong or the refusal to accept the possibility that there are real people in this world just like me.

Hopefully those that stop by and check out some of the links here will learn about us and gain a little understanding of our situation. Not one Transgendered person that I have met would want their worst enemy to go through the discrimination and emotional abuse that we are forced to deal with on a daily basis.  Believe me this is NOT a choice, no one would willingly subject themselves to the hate, misunderstanding, emotional & physical abuse and fear that surrounds the Transgendered Community.  More and more evidence is coming forth that supports a physiological basis for this "condition".

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