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Roberta Angela Dee's Haven

Commentary by Roberta Angela Dee

The opinions expressed in Roberta Angela Dee's Haven are those of the author
and may not reflect the views of the Another Waye and administrators.

Roberta Angela Dee is a gender-defined woman who lives in Augusta, GA.  She has been writing on gender issues for the past 30 years.   Her credits include several novels for Reluctant Press.  Some of you know Roberta through her erotica that appears on-line at The Gay Café Library, or through her columns for TG Forum.  Ms. Dee is openly bisexual and asserts that she is a woman -- not as a result of surgery, but because being a woman is the essence of her heart, mind, and soul.    Ms. Dee also wrote a column for the now defunct newspaper titled The Transvestian.  Comments for Ms. Dee may be directed to her e-mail address:    Send Mail

Prejudice and Gender

The Magic Dress

Flowers of Every Kind


The Myth of Autogynephilia

Asian Cross Dressers

What Does Transgendered Really Mean?

Men Trapped in Transsexual Bodies:

The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

The War on Gender

The Magic of a Girdle

Cross Dressed Christmas

Panty Party

Roberta's Links to Girdle Websites:

Zona -- the Girdle Zone

Girdles for Men & Women

Lingerie Direct


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