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Chrysalis and Another Waye Presents:

Panty Party
By Roberta Angela Dee


In one sense, it took considerable courage. They were, however, tired of the loneliness of cross-dressing, of parading under the cover of darkness as though they were inherently evil creatures.

They had grown proud of their ability to master the feminine arts, and they want to celebrate. They wanted to have a party -- a panty party.

Each had met on-line or through the classifieds but had never met face-to-face. So, when Linda suggested that they put on a lingerie show, there was much to consider. None wanted to risk having their secret life revealed. So, there would have to be precautions, and the party would need to account for their varying needs for privacy.

Linda promised to make all the arrangements. She too had a need to maintain her secret. She too had a wife and children who would react negatively to discovering that hubby or daddy cross-dressed.

Still, they all agreed that it was time to put the skills they had developed as women to a practical test -- a lingerie fashion show to display just how feminine they could look and move, how well they could each sashay in high heels, flutter their lashes, and prance about so fashion model sweetly.

A date was set and money for a hotel suite was collected. There would be a select audience of women who had a professional interest in how women looked. They were hair stylists, clothing designers, and seamstresses. A few had even worked as models. So they would not only enjoy the show but would also be able to critique each performer from a professional perspective.

Finally, the time arrived for the six women to put on the show. They had each fabricated an elaborate excuse as to why they needed to be away from home that evening. Food and beverages had been pre-arranged, and whether or not the show succeeded, a pleasant time was guaranteed for all.

The hotel suite was more than sufficient to accommodate the six models and their ten guests. As the room filled, it was difficult to tell which group was most excited -- the guests or the models. Everyone was laughing, speculating and chattering happily as preparations for the show continued. Then, finally, Alexandria, announced the start of the show, and introduced the first model.

Alexandria sashayed into the area of the living room reserved for the models. She wore a lovely panty and bra set designed by Aubade, one of the finer designers of exquisite lingerie.

Alexandria also wore a gaff, so as to display no hint of her masculine appendage. Her padded bra provided a modest hint of cleavage; and for the first time in her life, she felt proud to look like a woman. The guests were very much impressed but naturally wondered where she had hidden her male part.

Cindy followed Alexandria, and wore a white lacey bra, panty and garter set with silk hose. She received an immediate applause from the guests. And some of the guest openly commented that they envied her physique. "I wish I were so thin," one guest was heard to say.

The entire show lasted no more than 45 minutes. Still, it was one of the most well presented and exciting shows any of the guests had seen in quite some time.

As the models dressed and mingled with the guests, it was impossible to distinguish the genetic females from the cross-dressers. The demeanor and ambiance was clearly all female. There was no discussion of cross-dressing or anything other than the usual conversations that women enjoy while in the company of other women.

The six models were a little sad when their guest departed. For four hours, they really felt like women and were not placed in a situation that made them either fearful or ashamed. Linda commented, "I can't recall ever being dressed without my heart pounding in my chest as though I was about to have a heart attack."

The other girls expressed similar sentiments and promised to have other shows.

By one o'clock that morning, each of the six girls had changed back into their male attire. They would return to their respective homes and resume their roles as husbands and fathers. However, the magic of the evening hadn't quite ended. They hugged each other as they left the hotel. For that one night, they didn't care who saw them or what conclusions might be reached about men hugging in the lobby of a motel. They had entered as sisters and would depart as sisters. Nothing else mattered.

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