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Transgender Library
Articles for Transsexuals, Crossdressers, Intersexed & Transgendered Folks

ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS: TGGuide is seeking writers for articles of interest to the transgender community. We will include information about the author along with links back to your web site. Please submit your articles to

Read TG related articles.

Welcome to the TGGuide.Com library of transgender articles! Our goal is to provide the Transgender community with quality resources. We hope you find something useful here. If you are a writer please consider submitting your articles to us. We're building one of the largest online databases of information for the transgender community. We welcome your feedback. We're working hard behind the scenes to build on the magnificent collection of information provided at TGGuide. Please bookmark us and visit again as we add new and exciting forums, links and resources in the near future!

More Coming Soon!

Downloadable cross dressing guide of the best feminization techniques to develop your flawless public presentation.Jamie Young's Cross Dressing Guide click here to review
TGGuide's Lori Wynn Spoke With Jamie: Interview with Jamie

Jamie, a lifelong crossdresser herself, is author of World's Best Cross Dressing GuideThe World's Best Cross Dressing Guide is a 173 page e-book created by Jamie after years of professional training and her own experiences as a crossdresser. This comprehensive guide contains a compilation of all the best feminization techniques developed by Jamie to become virtually flawless in her presentation as female in public. The guide tells you how to avoid embarrassing situations created by the common mistakes made by untrained crossdressers.

Just a few of the topics include;
Makeup for crossdressers
How to speak in a female voice
How to create cleavage
Fashion tips for public presentation
Ladylike walking and behavior
and much more in The World's Best Cross Dressing Guide


Based on member suggestions we are now including photo profiles of real transgender people through-out the web site. Those selected to appear in member profiles are chosen because we believe they represent all trangendered people in a positive manner. Contact us if you want to include your photo and a brief bio. Join the transgender chat room now!


Chat Username: Jaxxk

Jack is a 20 years old, female to male transgender guy. He is in California now but moving to Maui very soon. Just ask him for more information!


Chat Username: Sussie

Sussie is 24, TV, single, petite at 5;7" and 110 pounds. She is a model and resides in New York. She loves to meet new friends so just say hi sometime.


Chat Username: Beckyr

Becky is 36 (and holding steady!), pre-transition transsexual, from the UK, living in London. She is a tree surgeon and landscape gardener.






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